lol. any more?
go to and register your cell fone #('s) right now!! the national directory of cell phone numbers™ is about to be published - and once that happens telemarketers will have access to your cell fone number!! by registering your #, you won't get calls from [most] telemarketers for 5 years. you can also call 888-382-1222, and get your # on the list that way.

I know I use my cell fone for like, all my calls, so I got my lil' number in that thar list now!! and, you can go complain to the website if the telemarketers call you after you've been on the list for 31 days - and get their wrists slapped, or something, I dunno. tattling is FUN! ;)

just got this information passed to me, and thought ya'll might like to know. (though there's no specific dates on when the cell fone #'s will be released, I figger it's better to be safe and get on the dnc list NOW. :)

tra la la!!

(and, by all means, plz call my on my cell whenever you feel the need to. I just don't want no goddamn telemarketers callin' me all day. fuckin' a. 'll just start not answering my fone if it's a blocked ID, is what'll do. :P)

you know, 'm the only one in my dept left. I have no works to do cuz everyone took it home w/them or is on vacation. I should scoot out early and get my linens and things shopping done... yessss... it's FRIDAY dammit, I wanna go play!!
kay, this is just a tiny teeny pet peeve of mine that I thought 'd share, especially w/the barrage of club-talkings going on these past few days.

it is NATION, not "nations" "s". it's not possessive. it just is. I know I know, I dont even GO there much anymore - I just see it typed and spoken so often incorrectly that... yeah. now you know.

and, while 'm on the topic, plz mind your you're and your -seseses. YOU'RE = you are, YOUR = possessive. you would not say: "YOUR AN ASSHOLE!!" unless you were, yourself, an asshole. cuz using incorrect grammar = being an asshole. hehehehee... (hehehe - I made that last part up myself!!)

disclaimer: yes, I realize I use incorrect grammar in my online-speakings all the time, along w/intentional misspellings of things like "foto" instead of "photo" and the like. I consider that part of my "dialect" and I do mind my grammar in relation to the 2 topics I mentioned here. take this post w/a grain of salt, (it is tongue-in-cheek and one might even say sarcastic) - cuz I KNOW you know better, we're all just lazy on the internet.


Please note that, while using your turn signals is much appreciated (versus those of you who switch lanes and make turns w/o them), the act of simply turning your signal on does NOT automatically mean you get to merge into the lane next to you. Yes, I can see that you want to get over - but you're RIGHT NEXT TO ME, and there isn't space for you to get in front of me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MERGING INTO MY NEW CAR.

Also, please note that if I have beeped at you several times, and had to swerve to avoid your attempting-to-merge vehicle from colliding with mine, that the courteous act of using your turn signal is negated, and you are henceforth deemed an oblivious (or perhaps, intentional!?) tool box. Additionally, if you're driving a large truck, van, or SUV in this situation, your asshat status is raised by 5 points.

In the future, I would appreciate it if you would utilize your MIRRORS (and perhaps even actually LOOKING OUT A SIDE WINDOW TO SEE IF THE SPACE IS CLEAR) in addition to and in conjunction with your turn signals for efficient, courteous, and friendly driving. Your cooperation in this regard is most appreciated.

Safe driving.
the lost skeleton of cadavra: A MUST SEE!! (lookit the skelectables - they're SWELL!)
what is a cat? )
a note to all you lj-ers out there who keep having their entries "eaten" by lj:

you have other options for updating other than from the website!

there's a client download section to get a lil' software dealie which you can update your journal from off-line and post it when you're done. I use it 90% of the time I update stuffs - it's quite handy and saves your drafts for you to refer back to should you need to step away from the computer or what have you. yes.

there's always typing up what you want to say in word or notepad, and then copying and pasting it into a client or the lj update page - that way if it doesn't post, all is not lost! and all you'd have to do is change the mood and music and whatever else settings-wise when you were finished w/your writings.

if you simply MUST update from the site, before you hit "update journal" ctrl+A your entry, and then ctrl+c - that way you've got what you wrote copied on the computer's clipboard dealie - just in case LJ hiccups.


I've seen the variations of the phrase "LJ ATE MY ENTRY!" waaaaaaaaay too many times on my friends list recently. hopefully that phrase will CEASE TO APPEAR in a serious manner after this super-helpful post, because SURELY everyone would pick one of the options listed to update and back up their entries with (or come up w/their own option that's unique and does the job - thats cool too).

that is, unless you just like to bitch about things, and your life is going along just swimmingly EXCEPT for LJ eating your posts, and thus you wish to continue bitching about such an important topic over and over again, instead of sharing something of substance.*

thank you.

*NOTE: this post is not meant to offend, but inform. apologies if you're too self-conscious/sensitive and manage to get offended anyway.



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