this is not an attempt at generating comments (though it might very well do that) - 'm lettin' ya'll know that I cut some pplz from teh list o'friends. mainly folks that never posted anymore, so - odds are they're not even around to read this to let them know they can't read any of my flist-locks posts from here on out, cuz they prolly weren't reading them to begin with.

just lettin' ya know. I haven't looked at that list in a long, long time, so it was time for some cobweb sweepin' anyways. oh - and consider this a no-hurt-feelings ticket out if you'd like to take me off your list, for whatever reason.

I just wish there was a way for me to take me off of OTHER pplz lists... my numbers (friends/friends of) do not match up, and it's making my world of ordered chaos a little more chaotic than ordered. :P

AND: if you're one of those folks that has me on your list, but I haven't added you back? take this opportunity to introduce yourself. cuz otherwise you're just getting PSA's like this on your flist from me, on the very rare occasion that I make them.

heads up! you only have a week to get your card [and possibly other things?!] for your boss! boss's day: 16 OCT!!

I got a nice card for my boss, cuz she's been a really awesome boss-person [especially if this is her first time being a boss-person, which it might be]. she's extremely flexible w/time, asks that we just do what we're asked to do and let her know of any problems and she'll take care of them. that, and she keeps asking me when I come in if I have gone to the gym that morning. GREAT motivation for keeping up this developing habit :D :D :D

and, of course, if you dont have an awesome boss, uh - there ARE some cards out there that share your feelings in a nicer way than you'd likely do if put on the spot. ;) that, or there's always ;)

PS: to folks who've got me on your flists & haven't let me know who you are - please take the time to do so, so's I know. you're not gettin' all teh awesome things I have to say and share cuz you've not been added back. yet. ♥



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