this is not an attempt at generating comments (though it might very well do that) - 'm lettin' ya'll know that I cut some pplz from teh list o'friends. mainly folks that never posted anymore, so - odds are they're not even around to read this to let them know they can't read any of my flist-locks posts from here on out, cuz they prolly weren't reading them to begin with.

just lettin' ya know. I haven't looked at that list in a long, long time, so it was time for some cobweb sweepin' anyways. oh - and consider this a no-hurt-feelings ticket out if you'd like to take me off your list, for whatever reason.

I just wish there was a way for me to take me off of OTHER pplz lists... my numbers (friends/friends of) do not match up, and it's making my world of ordered chaos a little more chaotic than ordered. :P

AND: if you're one of those folks that has me on your list, but I haven't added you back? take this opportunity to introduce yourself. cuz otherwise you're just getting PSA's like this on your flist from me, on the very rare occasion that I make them.

this is a public service announcement brought to you by the letters FSM and IPU.

watch this important video* right now.

it could help save your life.**

* NOTE #1:
you will need sound available for this video;
please watch this video when you're able to listen
at the highest possible volume and without interruption.

** NOTE #2:
by "save your life" we mean "make you slightly
more awesome by simply having watched this video" -
which in turn, could save your life.
**helping spread the good news that leli sent me this morning**
The National Organization for Women (NOW) has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

This is unprecedented - they do not endorse candidates.

They stated in an interview with NPR this morning, however, that Pallin is an "anathema" to everything their organization champions and they could not stand idly by and watch her being touted as a "woman's rights" candidate.

Link to the interview:

Link to NOW:

I'd pass this on to as many women as you feel comfortable passing it on to - we need to vote.


PS: this shirt is awesome

PPS: why you should vote for mccain

PPPS: ALSO!! count the lies
I still have my 10-miler registration and need to transfer it to someone who would like to run it this year. Deadline to transfer is this Friday, August 8th - so this must be quick!

My craigslist ad with details is here - please pass the link on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Thank you!

done & done. woo! the internet is fast!
heads up! you only have a week to get your card [and possibly other things?!] for your boss! boss's day: 16 OCT!!

I got a nice card for my boss, cuz she's been a really awesome boss-person [especially if this is her first time being a boss-person, which it might be]. she's extremely flexible w/time, asks that we just do what we're asked to do and let her know of any problems and she'll take care of them. that, and she keeps asking me when I come in if I have gone to the gym that morning. GREAT motivation for keeping up this developing habit :D :D :D

and, of course, if you dont have an awesome boss, uh - there ARE some cards out there that share your feelings in a nicer way than you'd likely do if put on the spot. ;) that, or there's always ;)

PS: to folks who've got me on your flists & haven't let me know who you are - please take the time to do so, so's I know. you're not gettin' all teh awesome things I have to say and share cuz you've not been added back. yet. ♥
so 've noticed there are some ppl who've got me friended whom 've not friended back. ya'll aren't gettin' any of my posts, cuz they're all friends-only, guys. if you'd like to read what I have to say [and I am flattered, really], then by all means introduce yourself and let me know who you are! I may/may not add you back - but you've got a better chance of me adding you if you speak up and say hi.


have a nice day!
Happy Day!!

Today is Ben&Jerry's FREE SCOOP DAY!!

YAY FOR ICECREAMS!! mmmm... now to sneek over to one before 8pm... >:)
go to and register your cell fone #('s) right now!! the national directory of cell phone numbers™ is about to be published - and once that happens telemarketers will have access to your cell fone number!! by registering your #, you won't get calls from [most] telemarketers for 5 years. you can also call 888-382-1222, and get your # on the list that way.

I know I use my cell fone for like, all my calls, so I got my lil' number in that thar list now!! and, you can go complain to the website if the telemarketers call you after you've been on the list for 31 days - and get their wrists slapped, or something, I dunno. tattling is FUN! ;)

just got this information passed to me, and thought ya'll might like to know. (though there's no specific dates on when the cell fone #'s will be released, I figger it's better to be safe and get on the dnc list NOW. :)

tra la la!!

(and, by all means, plz call my on my cell whenever you feel the need to. I just don't want no goddamn telemarketers callin' me all day. fuckin' a. 'll just start not answering my fone if it's a blocked ID, is what'll do. :P)

you know, 'm the only one in my dept left. I have no works to do cuz everyone took it home w/them or is on vacation. I should scoot out early and get my linens and things shopping done... yessss... it's FRIDAY dammit, I wanna go play!!
kay, this is just a tiny teeny pet peeve of mine that I thought 'd share, especially w/the barrage of club-talkings going on these past few days.

it is NATION, not "nations" "s". it's not possessive. it just is. I know I know, I dont even GO there much anymore - I just see it typed and spoken so often incorrectly that... yeah. now you know.

and, while 'm on the topic, plz mind your you're and your -seseses. YOU'RE = you are, YOUR = possessive. you would not say: "YOUR AN ASSHOLE!!" unless you were, yourself, an asshole. cuz using incorrect grammar = being an asshole. hehehehee... (hehehe - I made that last part up myself!!)

disclaimer: yes, I realize I use incorrect grammar in my online-speakings all the time, along w/intentional misspellings of things like "foto" instead of "photo" and the like. I consider that part of my "dialect" and I do mind my grammar in relation to the 2 topics I mentioned here. take this post w/a grain of salt, (it is tongue-in-cheek and one might even say sarcastic) - cuz I KNOW you know better, we're all just lazy on the internet.


Please note that, while using your turn signals is much appreciated (versus those of you who switch lanes and make turns w/o them), the act of simply turning your signal on does NOT automatically mean you get to merge into the lane next to you. Yes, I can see that you want to get over - but you're RIGHT NEXT TO ME, and there isn't space for you to get in front of me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MERGING INTO MY NEW CAR.

Also, please note that if I have beeped at you several times, and had to swerve to avoid your attempting-to-merge vehicle from colliding with mine, that the courteous act of using your turn signal is negated, and you are henceforth deemed an oblivious (or perhaps, intentional!?) tool box. Additionally, if you're driving a large truck, van, or SUV in this situation, your asshat status is raised by 5 points.

In the future, I would appreciate it if you would utilize your MIRRORS (and perhaps even actually LOOKING OUT A SIDE WINDOW TO SEE IF THE SPACE IS CLEAR) in addition to and in conjunction with your turn signals for efficient, courteous, and friendly driving. Your cooperation in this regard is most appreciated.

Safe driving.



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