sparklypoof ([personal profile] sparklypoof) wrote2005-06-20 01:28 pm


've made [ profile] wanna_get_it_on to keep track of calories and recount exercise experiences and things... and 'm just wondering if others would like to read my prattle of that nature, or not. dunno if it'd be inspirational, or boring, or what - but I thought 'd make that an option.

'll still make lil' posts about diet-related things in here, but 'm using this new journal 've made to go all mind-dump in relation to what 'm doing. *nodnod* what say ye?!

add [ profile] wanna_get_it_on and 'll prolly add you - and then you can read it and be all ooo ahhh amanda is still crayzee!! [and who knows, mebbe you'll find something in my methods that could be improved upon, or something] hehehhee... but it'll be friends-only forever and ever, so 'll prolly be a bit more selective about adding pplz to read it. and yeah. [not that I really care if ppl know how much I weigh and stuff - thas nbd to me - at least in this stage of my life ;)]

...and, yeah. [ profile] wanna_get_it_on = diet/exercise mind-dump for [ profile] sparklypoof. it's evolving, and will hopefully be extremely useful in my quest to reach my desired weight. *nodnod*

the end.

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