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lol let's be friends!

except, for serious, you best be s'plainin' yourself if I don't know who you are. but then, after that? let's be friends!
this is not an attempt at generating comments (though it might very well do that) - 'm lettin' ya'll know that I cut some pplz from teh list o'friends. mainly folks that never posted anymore, so - odds are they're not even around to read this to let them know they can't read any of my flist-locks posts from here on out, cuz they prolly weren't reading them to begin with.

just lettin' ya know. I haven't looked at that list in a long, long time, so it was time for some cobweb sweepin' anyways. oh - and consider this a no-hurt-feelings ticket out if you'd like to take me off your list, for whatever reason.

I just wish there was a way for me to take me off of OTHER pplz lists... my numbers (friends/friends of) do not match up, and it's making my world of ordered chaos a little more chaotic than ordered. :P

AND: if you're one of those folks that has me on your list, but I haven't added you back? take this opportunity to introduce yourself. cuz otherwise you're just getting PSA's like this on your flist from me, on the very rare occasion that I make them.

this is a public service announcement brought to you by the letters FSM and IPU.

watch this important video* right now.

it could help save your life.**

* NOTE #1:
you will need sound available for this video;
please watch this video when you're able to listen
at the highest possible volume and without interruption.

** NOTE #2:
by "save your life" we mean "make you slightly
more awesome by simply having watched this video" -
which in turn, could save your life.
**helping spread the good news that leli sent me this morning**
The National Organization for Women (NOW) has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

This is unprecedented - they do not endorse candidates.

They stated in an interview with NPR this morning, however, that Pallin is an "anathema" to everything their organization champions and they could not stand idly by and watch her being touted as a "woman's rights" candidate.

Link to the interview:

Link to NOW:

I'd pass this on to as many women as you feel comfortable passing it on to - we need to vote.


PS: this shirt is awesome

PPS: why you should vote for mccain

PPPS: ALSO!! count the lies
I still have my 10-miler registration and need to transfer it to someone who would like to run it this year. Deadline to transfer is this Friday, August 8th - so this must be quick!

My craigslist ad with details is here - please pass the link on to anyone you know who might be interested.

Thank you!

done & done. woo! the internet is fast!
I went to safeway on my lunchbreak and got some soup and salad and a Shape magazine to read, and got in line to check out. the man in front of me was getting some sammich-making items and a Men's Health magazine, being very polite about placing the item seperator bar behind his stuff so I could put my items down, but not making eye contact, just following "line etiquette". I commented to him that I enjoy reading Women's Health, and 'm sure the men's version is equally informative.

he perked right up from his "standing in line mustn't say anything but hello and thank you to the cashier" mode and went on to tell me [enthusiastically at that] that he'd lost 50lbs in the last year and a half, mostly thanks to that magazine's advice and inspiration, & how he works out 6x/week now at 5am and feels the best he's felt in his life. I told him many congratulations and let him know I was working on improving, myself - at the 6.30am timeslot.

we laughed about a few gym things, he bought his groceries and wished me good luck in 2008. I wished him the same, and he was off into the world again. the cashier was very sweet and wished me a good day, and I too was off into the world, to eat my lunch. but wow, I left w/a smile on my face and a sense of connecting [however briefly] w/someone who'd been there - who'd DONE something about it, and who was a changed person for it.

any nagging excuses in my mind telling me I "should" do something else vs. go to krav tonight have been quelled.
does anyone have a need for a spacey-looking hamster cage? I still have the one from Whatsit, and I don't see me getting another hamster any time soon - it's just taking up space. I have the cage [everything included as seen there], tons of plastic tubes to attach to it [seriously I bought a lot of thems], water bottle, chip bedding, and some other little toys that Whatsit never used and I never got around to returning to the store.

I had planned on doing craigslist for this thing, but I figured 'd ask here first - you guys sometimes have critter needs ;) all in all, it's around 80$ worth of hamster stuff. I would like to get some dollars for it, & 'm willing to negotiate [esp if you have something that I want - trading is good too].

please leave a comment or email me [sparklypoof at gmail dot com] if you are interested. 'm also leaving this post unlocked if you would like to pass this on to someone who might be interested who normally can't read my posts :)

thanks in advance - I hope that someone can put my little space hamster home to good use soon!!
heads up! you only have a week to get your card [and possibly other things?!] for your boss! boss's day: 16 OCT!!

I got a nice card for my boss, cuz she's been a really awesome boss-person [especially if this is her first time being a boss-person, which it might be]. she's extremely flexible w/time, asks that we just do what we're asked to do and let her know of any problems and she'll take care of them. that, and she keeps asking me when I come in if I have gone to the gym that morning. GREAT motivation for keeping up this developing habit :D :D :D

and, of course, if you dont have an awesome boss, uh - there ARE some cards out there that share your feelings in a nicer way than you'd likely do if put on the spot. ;) that, or there's always ;)

PS: to folks who've got me on your flists & haven't let me know who you are - please take the time to do so, so's I know. you're not gettin' all teh awesome things I have to say and share cuz you've not been added back. yet. ♥
A very important message. )

PS: I have made this post public, in hopes that you fine, upstanding people might link to it and spread the word. Thank you, thank you!!
so 've noticed there are some ppl who've got me friended whom 've not friended back. ya'll aren't gettin' any of my posts, cuz they're all friends-only, guys. if you'd like to read what I have to say [and I am flattered, really], then by all means introduce yourself and let me know who you are! I may/may not add you back - but you've got a better chance of me adding you if you speak up and say hi.


have a nice day!
Happy Day!!

Today is Ben&Jerry's FREE SCOOP DAY!!

YAY FOR ICECREAMS!! mmmm... now to sneek over to one before 8pm... >:)
[Poll #609416]
do you <3 the princess bride?

IF YOU JUST SAID "YES" [or nodded or agreed that you do, indeed, loves you some princess bride-ness] then for CRYING OUT LOUD GO HERE and nab some icons.

mm mm mmmm!! SUCH A NICE SET!!!

*stares at pretty icons*
I love talking with my dad. he's so awesome, for serious. I feel like I can talk to him about anything, and he'll give me straight-up answers and wax philosophy with me, and he's just so damn nice. ^_^

I love talking w/my dad's fiance, too. she's really cool, has a good-paying important job, she's tolerant of others, she's pretty, and she really does TALK with me when I see her. it's comforting, having that support structure there. and, yesterday I got a card in the mail w/donation money for the marathon from her - SO NICE!! she signed it "love," too - which made me feel all gooey and happy :)

I can't wait for the wedding!! it's gonna be so pretty, and the reception, from what plans 've heard, sounds like it'll be kickin'!! they really are in love - they walk around holding hands like teenagers, and they're flirting all the time, and... well, it's really sweet.

*le sigh*

they're so cute. I'm so lucky. THEY'RE so lucky. it's... it's all good, really. :)
Dear Livejournal Friends,

Please, please, PLEASE get some good solid sleep. I keep reading about pain, misery, angst, and illness. Many of these problems can be mended, eased, and even FIXED with a full night or 2 of restful sleep. Take a break, relax, and let your body heal itself. Remember: life is RIGHT NOW, not just "tomorrow" or "next week" - mmkay?

Good-thoughts and sweet dreams to you all,
- [ profile] sparklypoof

PS: Now I'm going to go take my own advice...
how is it that 20$ french red wine + ultra dance album 3 disk 1 go together so well?


Jun. 20th, 2005 01:28 pm
've made [ profile] wanna_get_it_on to keep track of calories and recount exercise experiences and things... and 'm just wondering if others would like to read my prattle of that nature, or not. dunno if it'd be inspirational, or boring, or what - but I thought 'd make that an option.

'll still make lil' posts about diet-related things in here, but 'm using this new journal 've made to go all mind-dump in relation to what 'm doing. *nodnod* what say ye?!

add [ profile] wanna_get_it_on and 'll prolly add you - and then you can read it and be all ooo ahhh amanda is still crayzee!! [and who knows, mebbe you'll find something in my methods that could be improved upon, or something] hehehhee... but it'll be friends-only forever and ever, so 'll prolly be a bit more selective about adding pplz to read it. and yeah. [not that I really care if ppl know how much I weigh and stuff - thas nbd to me - at least in this stage of my life ;)]

...and, yeah. [ profile] wanna_get_it_on = diet/exercise mind-dump for [ profile] sparklypoof. it's evolving, and will hopefully be extremely useful in my quest to reach my desired weight. *nodnod*

the end.
"would it be my fault if I could turn you on? would it be so bad if I could turn you on?"

these are the important questions.
what's a movie that you guarantee will make me laff. a lot.

I need to laffalot.

or mebbe cryalot, I can't tell
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